The 5 reasons I joined Keller Williams


1- Training/Education:

In 2015, Training Magazine named Keller Williams Realty the No. 1 training company across all industries.

KW is a knowledge-based real estate agency. In the reality of the digital age, there are so many tools, tricks, techniques to keep track of. It is easy to get lost and lose a year of building your business by going down the wrong road and realizing it is a dead-end. KW has proven that it can help brokers grow their business all the while growing their life. The many trainings that are offered make it a great agency for any information thirsty person. I think brokers (I included) are trying to be celebrities by creating a lifestyle on social media which is cute and important but there is also a reality of knowledge of buildings, negotiating, communicating, empathy, follow ups that needs to be learned to make a good broker great.

2- The Keller Williams model:

I have always followed the KW model in my business, well, followed is a strong word because I have read a book called the Millionaire real estate agent and I then tried to invent and implement the processes and systems that are outlined in the book.

I figured I might as well have direct access to all the tools that are used in this model rather than be creating and making up new ways of doing it. KW has a tried, tested and proved model which helps brokers be able to better serve buyers and sellers as well as develop a business rather than just having a job. Since my first year in Real Estate I have always wanted to grow a business and not just have a job and I have done that on my own. I am so excited to join KW and have the support and structure for me to take it to the next level in my business as well as having access to so many great marketing ideas and campaigns which will serve my clients too.

3- The Future of Real Estate in Quebec:

It is the largest real estate franchise by agent count in the World, and one of the largest privately held global residential real estate brokerages.

KW started about 5 years ago in Quebec and I strongly believe the KW model is the where the real estate industry is going in the next few years. I am very excited to be part of bringing this agency and its model to more brokers in this beautiful province as well as better serving our clients’ needs as well. It is also a huge player in the real estate world already so this is not a startup nor something that has not been tested yet. KW wants to better serve clients. Sellers and Buyers want the expert of the area and they want to make sure their real estate broker can assist in many facets of the real estate experience. KW wants their brokers to be able to fill the needs of the clients in the market as well as fill the need for brokers in the market. It combines the mix of helping brokers better themselves through education, work processes and systems which in turn deliver a greater customer experience to Sellers and Buyers who are in the real estate market.

4- A Belief System that Matches Mine

 I believe that connecting to our clients’ needs is how we can help. If we can understand what it is they want in the process of selling and buying then we can be better brokers for them.

WIN-WIN or no deal

INTEGRITY do the right thing

CUSTOMERS always come first

COMMITMENT in all things

COMMUNICATION seek first to understand

CREATIVITY ideas before results

TEAMWORK together everyone achieves more

TRUST starts with honesty

SUCCESS results through people

Real Estate is a funny game and basically all brokers are in competition with each other because we would like to buy and sell every house. Unfortunately, that is just not possible :-) so collaborating is what we should be doing and helping each other be better. I have always loved sharing with other brokers tools and tricks that I could not live without. KW has a culture where sharing makes everybody better and therefore if everybody is better than the whole industry looks better which in turn helps all brokers!!! I love this and have already learned so much in the first weeks by bumping into top brokers who have shared some cool tips with me. They were pretty pumped with the little things I shared with them too!! 😉

5- Team concept:

I have had a few brokers and a few team members working with me over the past 7 years and I have to admit I was not always the best team leader but hey, I was doing my best and I was also learning on the fly. I have had enough experience and I am humble enough to become a better team leader. I now know that I want to build a solid team, with a strong spirit and really high standards. However, I also know that I want them to be happy, to grow with with me, to teach me and to learn from me.  It will also make me a better businessman and most importantly for my clients, a better broker.

As mentioned, I have high standards for our team members and the customer service I want to deliver to our clients. I have been lucky enough to have a broker, Lucine, who has supported me over the last 4 years through all the ups and downs, crazy ideas that didn’t work, change of plans, etc. She respected my process and my learning and put up with me :-). I am even happier that we have both decided to take this plunge at KW together and that we have both decided to take our game to the next level so that we reach our client’s expectations, deliver great results and a great real estate experience, and that we reach the goals and objectives that we have set for ourselves as individuals too.

KW is the best place for me to hone the business skills of being a top producing broker all the while keeping up the great service to clients. KW will allow me and my team members to all thrive and grow our individual careers. I am very excited about what’s to come!!

I am always happy to share about my journey and discuss with peers and anyone who has an interest in Montreal Real Estate market. If it is your case, please get in touch!



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