My Top 5 Gift shops in the Mile-End

Top 5 Gift Shops in the Mile-End

The holiday season with its numerous office parties, dinner parties, family gatherings, food marathons and the (in) famous gift hunt. Regarding #1, #2, #3, my best piece of advice would be… Be patient and enjoy. It’s only once a year! For number #4 don’t give-up your workouts to burn those calories and for #5, well this is where I can help.

Holiday gift hunting can quickly turn into a headache; finding the perfect gift with the right price tag is clearly a challenge. Above everything else, I am super reluctant to visit crowded malls and big box stores. The good news is you don’t need to do any of that.

You probably already know that I am a huge fan of the Mile-End, which has been my real estate playground for the last 10 years.  One of the many reasons I love this area, is because of the many independent shops and their capability to adopt and pioneer new trends. The Mile-End is filled with boutiques selling local design, craftwork and trendy items. They are just perfect to nail the Holiday gift season!

Here are my 5 favorite gift shops in the Mile-End. It’s a no brainer list, not only during the holiday season but also when I want to buy a random gift, I’ll go straight to one of these. And you? Where do you go to buy gifts, while having a nice experience? If you have any ideas to share, please shoot me an email at I would love to hear from you!


Le Vestibule | 5157 Boulevard St-Laurent

Le Vestibule_Mile-End Gift Shop_ Montreal Real Estate

When in doubt, go to the Vestibule. Ok, it’s a quite feminine lifestyle shop. However, the selection is really nice yet affordable while being perfectly in trend and not cheesy at all. There is now a kids section too which is expanding so perfect for family gifts. You can almost go there eyes closed and pick anything for your next Secret Santa. I bet it’s going to be a success.


V de V | 5042 Boulevard St-Laurent

VdeV_Mile-End Gift Shop_Real Estate

Home decor has never been so popular. It’s also a great idea for a holiday gift, because what’s nicer than having a warm and beautiful home… That is actually the spirit at V de V. The boutique specializes in trendy home design at an affordable price range. If  you know someone that has just bought a new home, this is one of your go-to places


General 54 | 5145 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

General 54_Mile-End Gift Shop_Real Estate

If you’re looking for fashion designers, General 54 is the place to go, catering only canadian brands.  I mean you can still go to big chain stores, or you can choose to support our local production and creativity :-).  There is also a gift dedicated corner, just in case.


Boucle Et Papier | 5183 Boulevard St-Laurent

Boucle et Papier_Mile-End Gift Shop

Another current big thing; paper. It’s pretty ironic that in 2017 paper is popular (swan song maybe?), while pretty much everything is turning to or is being replaced by technology, notebooks are also everywhere and the cuter they are, the better they are. If you are shopping for a creative person, I would strongly recommend Boucle & Papier, which is – according to the women of my life –  the cutest store ever.


Jamais Assez | 5153 Boulevard St-Laurent

Jamais Assez_Mile-End Shop_Real Estate

Another design store, but a different style. Jamais Assez is a contemporary design store with nordic accents. If you are about to gift someone who is into scandinavian aesthetic, this is probably one of your best bets in Montreal. Neat, simple with pure lines, the store is a very cool space to hang out!

I am curious, what do you think about my list? Did I miss something? You can always reach me at, I would love to hear from you!

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