My Top 5 Gift shops in the Mile-End 2017-12-12

Top 5 Gift Shops in the Mile-End

The holiday season with its numerous office parties, dinner parties, family gatherings, food marathons and the (in) famous gift hunt. Regarding #1, #2, #3, my best piece of advice would be… Be patient and enjoy. It’s only once a year! For number #4 don’t give-up your workouts to burn those calories and for #5, well this is where I can help.


My top 5 listings in the Mile-End – December Issue 2017-12-06

Mile End Listing, Real Estate Montreal, Condo for sale

December. While I am getting ready for the holiday season, I am also hustling to find the hottest properties for my clients.


My Top 5 Restaurants in TMR 2017-11-30

Restaurant, Town of Mount-Royal, Montreal Real Estate

TMR advocates (Full disclosure: 99.99% of them are living in TMR) will tell you that if there is one great thing about this neighbourhood, is that it feels like you are in the middle of nowhere while being 5-10 minutes away from everything.