My Black Friday deal 2017-11-22

Black Friday _ Deal

Guys, I am jumping into the Black Friday craziness. The goal: opening my services to a bigger audience, helping people to achieve their real estate goals.

For a limited time –  save 1% on my fees, selling your house in the next 6 months. How to? Reach out to us at or call us at  514-434-0208 to book a free evaluation. The offer is valid until Friday, the 24th of November at MIDNIGHT.

My top 5 listings in the Little Italy 2017-11-21

Triplex Little Italy, Montreal Real Estate, Plex,  Income dwelling

As you may already be aware of, I recently joined the Keller Williams banner.  We have moved my team office to Little Italy after years in Outremont. We are pretty lucky to bounce from one amazing neighbourhood to another, and always staying close to the Mile End obviously.

For many of us, Little Italy is synonymous with amazing food, coffees and italian roots. I’ll certainly talk about all of these things in future blog posts. But first things first, let’s talk about Real Estate, since it’s partly why I wake-up every morning  (along with my family of course).

Here are my top 5 listings in Little Italy for this week. Are you interested in Little Italy’s Real Estate market? Good, I am currently digging in and investigating the market. So shoot me an email here, I can probably help you out.


2-floor condo | Bright, loft-style, space

Condo Little Italy, Montreal Real Estate, House hunting, Listing

$ 425 000 | Little-Italy | 2 bdr, 1 bth, 1 prk

Full info here.


Ground floor condo | Large terrace and lots of space

Condo LIttle Italy, Real Estate Montreal, House Hunting, condo Montreal

$ 429 000 | Little-Italy | 3 bdr, 1 bth

Full info here.


2-floor condo | Large terrace and lots of space

Condo Little Italy, Real Estate Montreal, Broker, House Hunting

$ 559 000 | Little-Italy | 3 bdr, 1 bth, 1 prk

Full info here.


Triplex | Investment property #1

Triplex Little Italy, Montreal Real Estate, Plex,  Income dwelling

$ 878 000 | Little-Italy | 3 appt

Full info here.


Triplex | Investment property #2

riplex Little Italy, Montreal Real Estate, Plex,  Income dwelling


$ 980 000 | Little-Italy | 3 appt

Full info here.

Are you inspired by these properties? Or maybe you are looking for something different, would you like me to put together your very own, personalized Top 5 listings in Little Italy list ( try to say that 3 times fast)?  Send me an email at, I would love to hear from you.


My Top 5 coffee shops in the Mile-End 2017-11-15

Coffee shops in the Mile-End

Coffee shops are currently a thing. My Instagram feed is full of “cute coffee shops” and lattes, from all over the world.

The Mile-End is known for its emblematic and independent coffee shops – where institutions and newcomers mix together. It is actually one of the things I love about this neighbourhood, its capacity to adopt and go through trends while never losing its charm and character.

It’s now been 11 years that I work in the neighbourhood. As a coffee amateur, here are my top 5 coffee shops in the Mile-End.

I am also curious. What would be your top 5 coffee shops? Shoot me an email here –  I will be happy to start the conversation.


Café Felice (Les petits Enfants de Felice) | 5563 Av du Parc, Montréal

Cafe Felice, Mile-End, Real-Estate, Broker, Montreal

This is the most recently opened coffee shop from my selection, but the place feels like it has been there forever. Even if the Cafe de Felice has replaced, the greek bakery Navarino (an institution), the place is filled with history and tradition. The coffee is amazing thanks to Vince Spinale who used to work at the Cafe Olimpico, bringing with a him a very special “savoir-faire’’ and his beautiful singing voice.


Caffe in Gamba | 5263 Av du Parc

Caffe in Gamba, Mile-End, Real-Estate, Broker, Montreal

Caffe in Gamba is one of the first coffee shops in this category to open in Montreal. The place was revamped two years ago to modernize its look and menu. In addition to the neat design, their coffee selection is still amazing – offering a big range of roasters.


Café Olimpico | 124 Rue Saint Viateur O

Coffee, Mile-End, Montréal, Real-Estate, Broker

Maybe the most emblematic place from my list. Cafe Olimpico is not only an institution of the Mile-End, but also an emblem for Montreal.  The place is rooted with strong italian traditions – offering one of the best (if not the best) espresso in town.


Caffe Grazie-Mille | 58 Avenue Fairmount O

Caffe Grazie Mille - Mile-End

Besides their coffee, there is also their cannolis. The Cafe Grazie Mille is a Mile-End pilllar. Also some people say, it’s the best Italian coffee in the city…!


La Croissanterie Figaro | 5200 rue Hutchinson

Mile-End Coffee Shop, Real Estate Montreal
Mile-End Coffee Shop, La Croissanterie

This place feels like a a piece of paris, in the middle of the Mile-End. The coffee shop is a really nice place for lunch, brunch and snacks. Here it is not only about the coffee, it’s also about food – which is simply good. All of these wrapped-up in a very warm atmosphere during the winter while the terrace is very parisian during summers.

Are you inspired by these coffee shops and would love to live really close by?  If yes, get in touch with me at